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Last saturday, 3rd of december, at Spazio Pep Marchegiani, Pescara, took place the second edition of Toyo Mon Amour.


This project/event, born from a Luca Di Francescantonio’s idea, has the aim to stimulate a discussion on the state of arts and creativity, today, in Pescara, Italy. This city gave rise to big artists and creatives, but, today, lives with a lot of difficulties its relation with artistic and creative culture. Why does it happens? Why do, creatives today, to be known or just to have spaces where to show their works, need to be aligned with some parties?


Let’s start from the beginning.

Toyo Mon Amour, as we were saying, was born from a Luca’s idea, who, thanks to Enviconcept and mentelocale, brought together a lot of creatives (artists, designers, photografs and everybody has something to say on those questions) with the aim to built an exhibition made of ironic works, using the accident/image of “Huge Wine Glass” by Toyo Ito as an idea to talk about contemporary art and how, this art, get in relation with the city. To find a place, for the first edition, was really hard; nobody would like to be involved in something that could be not politically correct. We asked to use the “Urban Center” (that was the perfect location for our exhibit) but, gently, they told us that it was impossible. So, we tried to find other pubblic spaces but they wasn’t available, for us, untill, thanks to privates, we found the place. The exhibit got a good success and the discussion began, thanks to newspapers and tvs, demonstrating the need of this discussion and the need to compare.

In the second edition we started choosing a private space where to build our exhibition, inviting new artists to come and join our group, avoiding the problems we had before.

This second edition gave us the possibility to guest some performances, exploring new scenarios of arts. From Nicola Antonelli, to Collettivo Mammhut, through Erica Abelardo and Alessandra Galloppa, we developed a path across different expressions and sensitives, each one amazing.

This edition, as the first one was, had it’s climax with the dabate on the main topic that, also if we explained everybody our intention to talk without political inents about culture and contemporary arts, design and, generally, projects in Pescara, always get in political debate, showing us the incapacity of istitutions to have a new and innovative point of view on the questions we were talking about. Not to be always negative, but we saw the usual “monodirectional debate” we are accustomed to watch on TV. The odiens was allowed to speak but they were talking in a way that doesn’t give the possibility to cut in the conversation, trying to talk about workshops and creative worknets that we already knew and use out of our city, but not here, not but if you are aligned with a party.

But Toyo Mon Amour cannot be like this, nobody can close our ideas in a cage, this is an open source and everybody can work with us, it doesn’t metter if they are architects or engineers, creatives or not, artists or poets, from every politic party they come from, aliens or humans, what we really care is that they listen to understand and don’t judge unfruitfully.

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