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The map of the creative community of a city, but much more too. is a project conceived by Colaborativa, a studio from Cordoba, Spain, made by Javier Buron Garcia, Magda Sanchez and Curro Crespo, dealing with development of strategies and tools for urban transformation through the fusion of architecture, urbanism and information technology. Their work, very innovative, goes from strategic planning to urban management, from geoposition applications to data visualization, from the organization of cultural events to others kind of inititiatives, all them united by the purpose of promoting the vision of an open, inclusive and sustainable city. As it’s easy to understand by their name, what characterizes them is a not hierarchical perspective of design, based on network concept. Inevitably came out from their brilliant minds. I don’t remember how I found this website, but I was struck with it and I started to think about how was structured the creative community in Pescara, if there were more photographers than architects, who were them and in what quantities. Curiosty was too much and a few weeks later and several mails, thanks to Colaborativa willingness and skills, finally the map of creative peopole in Pescara is taking shape too. And this project is spreading to others cities.

I think thati in a moment of crisis like the one we are living now to know how the cultural environment of a city is organized can be really helpful. A simple treemap allows to immediatly visualize the dimensions of different fields and to identify, consequently, in every area, possible opportunities and weaknesses; in particular it allows u sto establish collaborations, contacts and interdisciplinary relationships, essentials for our job. Moreover the declinations adopted by those who belong to a certain category give an idea of a cultural system complexity and can encourage a constructive competition which adds quality and create a virtuous circle good for everyone. By now old corporatisms are completely inadeguates, they are outdated by global dimensions and above all they appear to me obsolete for a flexible and constantly changing reality. The idea of network, typical of web 2.0, is a fact and if it’s taking roots as mental category is because it’s a going model offering lots of opportunities. At last my personal view is project fits very good to medium-sized cities, where quantities are such that they need a synthetic visualization, but at the same time they are not excessive to blur the single parts of the system. I don’t know where this project can lead but I have a little confidence: without Cordoba and Pescara would be more poors.

creatives in Pescara

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