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Move Your Body

Some weeks ago I had the occasion to visit the Keith Haring’s exhibition (a room with 4 artworks) at Museo Archeologico Nazionale-La Civitella in Chieti. I was impressed by the correspondence with Katsushika Hokusai’s figures, a japanese artist lived between the Eighteen and the Nineteen Century. In a recent collection of his drawings it’s interesting to notice the study of human body expressivity often made through the repetition of the same figure in different poses and behaviours. Loose and theatrical bodies in poses are incredibly similar to Haring’s pictographs vibrating to the rithm of pop or dance music. With the difference that while Milwaukee characters are made to be seen in their dynamism by the point of view of the driver moving on the highway, and then as animated sequenze, Hokusai figures are little masterpieces in which you can loose yourself into the details, to enjoy slowly exploring them one by one. Almost two centruries mark the distance between slownees and speed in execution and perception. If you wan to see the exhibition about Haring 8 minutes are enough, then move your bottom. If I had access to the archeological section too with the same ticket (plus even a few dollars more) I’d have gone. But, in fact, this is the cultural policy in Italy.

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