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The value of a good design

9 August 2012 11:15 0 comments , , ,

It is a long time we use to meet purchasers who don’t understand the real value of design. Why it happens?

I don’t have easy answers to this question, but I think that, if we want to search the reasons why we are living this situation, we all need to watch, critically, to what has happened since the 60′s to nowadays in Italy. The designer, in 50′s and 60′s, has got a respectable position that downgraded as the “sloppy persons” increased. What we see is a complete destruction of design’s culture obtained destroying, first of all, schools; we accept the cultural flattening and we don’t try to work on a critical research able, maybe, to give back to design the right value. We array ourselves in a low line, too low, as low as a lot of “projects” and a lot of “designers” aren’t definable such design or designers, but just “cad-monkey”, who are devaluing the project. That cultural devaluation (I’m doing that ’cause it’s nice or ’cause it’s fashionable!) has taken us to a wrong perception from the purchasers. If your research is such a mess of fashionable or stylistic information that I can get by myself, why do I have to call you? Why do I have to pay your bill? In this situation it’s easy for a purchaser to ask us “some sketches”!

A big part of this problem is generated by the devolution of schools of art, design, architecture, etcetera, that, trying to find universal theories of compositions, have became blind to the cultural value of project, avoiding researches and keep students stuck in old theories, with the double bad result to develop always projects connected with other (older) projects (stylisms) and to make students unable to develop a personal idea on art, culture, projects, etcetera.

I don’t mean that everything is like that, but if we take a look to the big number of architects and designers that every year get graduated in Italy and try to figure out how many of them will be a real designer, with passion about research, culture and project, I think you’ll see there will be just a little group of “crazy genius” who, thanks to a great passion, are really able to bring forward their work.

There is no easy answer to the starting question, as I said, but, for sure, we need to start giving much more space to students of art, design and architecture, following them in their paths, but trying not to bring them in our point of view (path), leaving them free to try different things, comparing with other students or with people who already work in those fields, but always at the same level, being able to stimulate a different point of view and, then, a new design value, much closer to “today” than to “yesterday”, and able to lean to “tomorrow”.

Only when designers will understand how important is a good project in society and how much care and devotion is needed to draw it up, then we could talk about the value of a project and the relation with the purchasers.

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