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Let’s start again!

ideasapiens design culturaAfter a few years of pause to think about the usefulness of a debate about design and designing processes, we decided to restart Ideasapiens.

The thought that leaded us on this path, restarting with this important project, as we see it is, is about the lack, nowadays, of a place where to have the space to debate, carrying our ideas about design culture, beyond the field of work where it’s applied.

We talked a lot about how difficult it is to define Design and we think this difficulties get stronger in the last few years, a time where the word “design” has been connected to other activities, or hobbies, without any reaction from the professionals of design, without any taking of position about a more respectful use of a word which represent a field of work really important in our contemporary society.

The hard work that was done by the Masters of Design to define the designers role, in a world changing with the Industrial Revolution, seems to be lost after a misleading use of the word “design” itself and it seems, for us, the right time to commit to redefine the rules of each one.

Our choices about the direction of this website and the articles in this virtual space is not changed:
!deasap!ens is a platform of discussion about design meant as culture of a project; it’s a place of reflection about architecture of stuff and creative processes; a space of analysis, debate, information, questions, research; a tool to understand which indicators transform a product in design.
!deasap!ens is an initiative that avail itself of collaborators coming from different professional fields in order to use interdisciplinarity as a means to explore design in a larger prospective
This target can be reached just with the collaboration of who, working in a design field, would like to help us to define in the better way it will be possible the elements which transform a project into a “cultural text”, able to describe an historic period, an important concept, able to aware people about the importance of designing. That’s why we invite you to collaborate with us!

Are you a Designer, an Architect, a Graphic Designer, a Fashion Designer and you developed your own point of view about the situation of Design (in a broad definition)? Send us your idea for an article and we will publish it and talk about it in a free space.

Moreover, is our intention to open the range of debate using some interviews to designer, chosen by us o self-candidate to be interviewed. The aim is not to have advertising space, but to explore the design process of each one of us and to debate about the idea we have about Design, about researches we are working on and the positions we take about our role.

We are confident that the return of Idesapiens will be a good thing for who’s really interested in Design and for who feels the need to debate about this topic, that’s why we invite you to click on “Team up!” and start this journey together. Ad Maiora!

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